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What is Aromareflex?

Aromareflex combines the power of essential oils and Reflexology together. You will receive a full reflexology session, which is enhanced with a blend of essential oils chosen for just for you. It is an extremely relaxing and nurturing experience. You will also be given your blend pot to take home so that you can maximise the benefits of your session.

What Essential Oils Do You Use?

Aromareflex uses a carefully selected range of oils at a low dilution which is safe to use. The oils are blended with the reflexology medium (usually wax or moisturising lotion) and applied to the feet and bottom half of your legs. We are trained to use 18 essential oils in total over the full aromareflex course, rather than the 80+ or so in a full aromatherapy course, but I find that the wide variety of oils we have studied, are a good mix of oils to use and cover most treatment objectives. Some of the oils which could be used include: Lavender, Tea Tree, Frankinsence, Roman Chamomile, Rose, Tangerine, Geranium and Vetiver. A lot of the training is based around health and safety and ensuring that good practice is adhered to at all times. For your reassurance and peace of mind, as with all of the therapies I offer, I am fully trained and also fully insured in aromareflex.