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Self Care

The term ‘self-care’ is seemingly everywhere at the moment. But what exactly does self-care mean? Is self-care having a bubble bath or going out for a walk or are there more layers to this term? In this blog, I will be exploring how we can take better care of ourselves, not just physically, but mentally as well. What is…

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Running 5k

Running 5k- How Hard Could It Be? Cue the start of 2019, it’s very cold, I’m feeling lethargic after all of the excess of Christmas and admittedly I am really struggling to keep positive. I am definitely a Summer person, rather than a Winter person and really struggle at this time of year! I saw one evening that a…

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Natural Skincare

Natural Skincare- Is it Really Worth the Hype? The skin is the biggest organ in the body- if you think about it, the skin covers a lot of surface area! The skin also absorbs 60% of what we put on it, so literally anything we put on our skin could find its way into the bloodstream and interfere with…

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There’s no denying it, stress is everywhere! Everyone feels stress at certain times of their lives, especially living in a such a busy, constantly evolving world, where we have so many ‘tabs’ open in our brain at any one time. It’s not surprising that so many people are really feeling the negative effects of stress, which is leading to…

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Hands up who has had issues with their sleep at some point during their adult lives? I’m willing to bet that every hand would be in the air! We all know what it is like to be lying awake at night, wishing we would just dose off to a peaceful slumber Personally, I suffered from insomnia for most of…

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Social Media Blog

There is no getting away from the fact that we are living in a technologically advanced world where social media plays a massive role in most of our lives now. It’s hard to remember what life was like without it.  When I was in school mobile phones didn’t exist, let alone Facebook and it is incredible how technology has changed the…

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The Benefits of Reflexology

When I tell people that I work as a reflexologist, a pretty common response is ‘yuk feet’ 🙂 People are on the whole genuinely perplexed by the fact I touch feet for a living. (Me? Weird? Never!) Also, I know of people who dismiss reflexology for various reasons, for example they are ‘too ticklish’ or because they are embarrassed…

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Summer Special Offer

Summer Special Aromareflex is usually £45 per session, but until 31st August 2018 it is only £35, as an added bonus you will receive a free gift. Give yourself the gift of self-care this summer Contact Kelly on 07838 374884 to make a booking Look forward to seeing you soon! SaveSave

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