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Zone Face Lift

What Is Zone Face Lift?

“A spiritual facial treatment, unlike any other… the effects were immediate.”  Margaret Hussey, Editor of Sunday Express
“A contender for London’s best facial.” Sarah Vine, Daily Mail
“Zone Face Lift is renowned for removing as much as 10 years of ageing over a 12-week programme, Zone Face Lift can eliminate the need for Botox and offers a natural alternative to dermal fillers. It’s all about ageing well and naturally.” Janey Lee Grace

Zone Face Lift is completely natural and and uses tried and tested techniques to “Lift your face and you spirit.”  Zone Face Lift incorporates Facial Reflexology, advanced facial massage moves, the use of specialist tools, such as gua sha, acupressure rollers and crystal spheres, all designed to help to sculpt and firm your face. Hot towels are used throughout to add a touch of extra luxury to the Zone Face Lift experience, I was trained by the the creator of Zone Face Lift, Ziggie Bergman and I am so excited to be able to offer Zone Face Lift sessions locally, within my area of West Sussex.

Benefits of Zone Face Lift 

Here are the potential benefits of a Zone Face Lift session

  • It could help with collagen and elastin stimulation from inside out
  • It could visibly tighten and sculpt the face (12 week programme)
  • It can help reduce dark puffy circles around the eye region (12 week programme)
  • Zone Face lift is relaxing and calming, but can also be uplifting at the same time
  • It could visibly reduce fine lines and wrinkles (12 week programme)
  • Zone Face Lift gives you a healthy glow
  • It can help with lymphatic drainage on the face
  • Zone Face lift could potentially help reduce stress levels
  • Could help with migraines, sinus issues, sleep issues, depression, anxiety, digestive issues and joint pain

The 12 Week Programme

“Take 10 years off in 12 weeks”. The Telegraph

The Programme is tried and tested and is a 12 week bespoke programme based around the client’s individual needs. If you are looking for a natural way to feel and potentially look younger and to ‘lift your spirit’ then the Zone Face Lift 12 week programme could be for you.

The 12 week programme is very much tailored to what you wish to achieve over the 12 week course. Over the 12 weeks, you will experience some holistic facials included as part of it, the number is dependent on your needs and circumstances. We may focus more on the facial reflexology some weeks, you may have a visualisation exercise some weeks especially if you are having a stressful time or we may use the facial tools more another week, Smudging using Native American herbs may also be incorporated into the sessions as well.

If you opt for the 12 week course, you pay for only 10 sessions, so you also save £100 in total. For more details visit my updated price list page.

Please contact me by email or call 07838 374884 if you have any questions about the 12 week programme.

Can I Have Just One Zone Face Lift Session? 

Of course you can! You will feel the benefit from the one session and this could be perfect if you have a special event on and would like to enjoy glowing and potentially firmer skin afterwards. Or perhaps you would just like to enjoy a facial experience and some self care and to feel pampered and relaxed.

However, for best long term results, it is recommended that a 12 week course is completed then regular 4-6 week sessions to maintain the results.

What Products Do You Use?

Currently, I am using the Flying Wild Rose, Frankincense and Natural facial oils, which are formulated especially for facial reflexology. Which one I use will depend on your skin type and your own individual preferences. I have tried several facial oils and elixirs and these are the ones which have got the best feedback. Although, I am always on the lookout for other options so this may change in the future 🙂

For the holistic facial element I use Tropic products, which are natural and I love their company ethics and for me personally, I believe they provide excellent results.

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