Wellbeing Podcast Recommendations!

Happy New Year! How is it 2022 already?

So, does anyone else love listening to podcasts? 

As many of you know, I walk a lot and audiobooks were my main entertainment source on my walks for many years. I listened to 100’s of books and whilst I bought most of these in the sale, they were becoming too expensive to listen to. So, I started looking at some free resources and this is when my obsession with podcasts began and continues to this day. 

So here is my list of my top eight favourite health, mindset and wellness related Podcasts. Are any of your favourites in this list? If you’ve not listened to podcasts before, why not give them a try? 

1. Power Hour- Adrienne Herbert- My favourite podcast with lots of interesting people- a focus on health, fitness, wellbeing, business development, mindset and goal setting. I absolutely love this one! Adrienne is so inspiring and speaks so eloquently and in such a clear way, I find it really easy to absorb what she says, so I find her podcast really powerful.  Her book ‘Power Hour’ is excellent and a perfect self-development book to read in January if you are looking for a new book to read. J

2. Happy Place- Fearne Cotton. This podcast is more mental health and wellbeing related.  In Happy Place, Fearne interviews a celebrity every week and they discuss how they have struggled in the past and what they have learned along the way.  I love everything Fearne does, and always find this podcast really interesting and engaging. 

3. Feel Better, Live More- Dr Chatterjee. I’ve raved about this podcast for ages, a real mix of interviewees covering a whole range of health and wellbeing related topics. Some of this is quite hard hitting and some of the episodes are over 2 hours long, so you need to concentrate when listening to them, which admittedly I am not always good at doing. There are, however, bitesize episodes, which are really good as they are short and to the point and usually have really good key teachings. 

4. Ten percent Happier- This is an American podcast but don’t let that put you off. Again, there are a lot of bitesize episodes with key takeaways and also meditations. I love Dan Harris the presenter, I have learned so much from this podcast and it has given me so many ‘a-ha’ moments.  It is very mindfulness and meditation focussed so if you’re interested in these areas, then this is a good podcast for you.  

5. Train Happy Podcast- Tally Rye- This is mainly a fitness related podcast but rather than focussing on hardcore transformations, it is about mindful movement, not pushing your body to extremes and about building a better relationship with your body. Really recommend this podcast if you push yourself too hard with fitness or struggle to accept your body as it is. 

6. The Calmer You Podcast- Chloe Brotheridge. As a sufferer of chronic anxiety for many years, this podcast has really helped me. I listened to most of these episodes whilst I was shielding during the height of the pandemic. The is quite a gentle podcast but is always full of tips and takeaways. It is mainly mental health and mindfulness focussed and although this might be one of the lesser-known podcasts, it is 100% up there with my favourites. 

7.  The High Performance Podcast- Jake Humphrey. This is quite a new one to me and came recommended from listening to another podcast.  This is mainly interview based, with some top sports people, business leaders and industry experts in the mindset and health and wellbeing industry. Each interview tends to have a theme such a resilience, mindset, goal setting and self-acceptance. Again, there are a lot of bitesize episodes so you can take the key points away by listening to these.  I am working my way through the back catalogue and there are some epic interviews in here… well worth a listen.

8. Off Menu Podcast- Ed Gamble and James Acaster. Not a wellbeing podcast in any shape or form. But it has literally got me through the last year, so I had to mention it. It’s a comedy podcast where the presenters discuss the interviewees best ever starter, main course, desert and drink and it is so funny. People must look at me strangely when I am crying laughing walking through the streets of Barns Green, but laughter has definitely been a medicine and this podcast has been a real tonic for me over the past year. 

So, these are my favourite podcasts. I do listen to other comedy ones as well, but some of these are too low brow to mention! 🙂 It’s amazing how many podcasts there are out there and as they are free too which is an added bonus. So go on, give a podcast a try and let me know how you get on. 

Would love to know what your favourite podcasts are?

Wishing you all the best for the new year! Take care x