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Happy Weekend lovelies 🥰 💃 🌞

Have a good one whatever you are up to. 💜
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Sometimes a walk in nature can make everything ok. The sun shining definitely helps as well. 🥰 ... See MoreSee Less

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Perfectly said Donna Ashworth 💜MENTAL HEALTH AWARENESS WEEK

I want to normalise asking ‘how’s your mental health?’
I want to normalise making choices to protect that mental health.
I want to normalise coffee and chats about darkness (it automatically brings in the light).
I want to normalise not avoiding someone who brings down the mood, no one left Eeyore out.
I want to normalise reaching in when someone isn’t reaching out and not worrying you’ll say the wrong thing because the truth is your heart speaks for you and their heart will feel that.
I want to normalise working on our mental health in exactly the same way we work on our bodies - every day or minimum three times a week.
I want to normalise mental health advice for every defining stage of our lives, lots of help for vulnerable teens, divorcees, new parents, menopause, retirement and empty nesters.
Most of all I want to normalise the realisation that nothing, NOTHING matters if our mental health isn’t in check and that each and every one of us has our own issues to deal with in that respect.

Mental health isn’t just for one week, it’s for life,
it IS life.

I want to normalise asking ‘how’s your mental health?’
And never just accepting ‘fine’.

Who is with me?

Donna Ashworth

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Appointments Available in May:

Tues 21st: 10/11am
Weds 22nd: 10/11am
Tues 28th: 2/3pm and 5/6 pm
Weds 29th: 2/3pm and 5/6pm
Thurs 30th: 10/11 or 2/3pm
Fri 31st: 9/10/11am

Open throughout June so please do get booked in if you are looking for some stress relief, help with sleep or to help manage those menopausal symptoms. Mix and match combinations available including 1/2 massage and 1/2 facial reflexology, Indian head massage with facial reflexology and reflexology with massage or facial reflexology are all available.

Thanks as always for supporting my little business.

Enjoy your evening x

Photo Credit: Street Cat Life
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