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Happy weekend lovelies. Hope you get some chill out time and feel as relaxed as our cat Meely looks here.

Have a good one, whatever you are up to. 💜
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Happy Summer Solstice. Grateful for the sunshine, grateful for the warmth, grateful for the light and grateful for the seasons. 🌞 ... See MoreSee Less

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2 weeks ago

Kelly Zilz Complementary Therapist

A lovely new client tried reflexology for the first time on Wednesday and she said to me at the end ‘I have never been so relaxed in my life!’ She was blown away by how reflexology made her feel it was so lovely to see 🥰

If you would like to find out for yourself the benefits of reflexology why not get yourself booked in for a treatment?

Few slots available next week then more from 8th July onwards.

You can book via the link or please send a dm. Have a fabulous weekend and enjoy the sunshine 🌞

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My kidney story 🙂

Thank you Share Your Wishes for raising organ donation awareness 🥰Over 21 years ago Kelly was gifted a kidney thanks to her donor, and their family who agreed to organ donation, and is now living and loving life.

“Today like every day for the last twenty one years, I have a lot to be grateful for following my life-enhancing kidney transplant!

I got diagnosed with kidney failure aged 19. I had a lot of tests and I was diagnosed with HDR syndrome which is an extremely rare genetic condition causing sensory deafness, hypoparathyroidism and renal dysplasia.

I was told there and then I would need dialysis and a transplant. But I would have to be put on a list and wait for a suitable donor to become available. I was told at the time that transplants are not a cure and that they last, on average 10-15 years, but a transplant would drastically improve my quality of life.

I went on CAPD dialysis in in 2000, dialysing 4 times a day, every day which suited me at the time and went back to university in Manchester back in September 2000. Dialysis was no fun, I was constantly tired, poorly and having to dialyse four times a day really limited my quality of life.

One week into term time I got ‘the call’ at 4am to say that a matching kidney had become available. I was only on dialysis for a few months and was shocked that one had become available so soon, especially as so many people have to wait years for a kidney.

I had the kidney transplant that day. It was a long and complex operation and I was in hospital for three weeks and had 2 episodes of rejection along the way. Slowly ‘Sidney the Kidney’ started to work and thankfully it has been stable ever since.

I found out that my donor was a young girl who was local to where I was in Manchester. She was only 9 years old and there’s not a day that goes by when I don’t think about her and her family. I am forever grateful to them. On the day of my transplant I find it a bittersweet day as I know that a family lost their young daughter on that day and on that same day I was given the gift of life, thanks to their precious gift.

Also, I am forever grateful for the renal team at the MRI. Mr Riad and his team and the wonderful nurses who kept me smiling throughout despite being really poorly with peritonitis and acute rejection after my transplant. Their care was always exceptional and the kindness every single staff member at the MRI shown will stay with me for life.

In these last 21 years I have got married, travelled to 30+ countries, started my own holistic therapy business and am now settled in a lovely village in West Sussex. I am on antirejection tablets and calcium/vitamin D now and no other medication which I am very grateful for. Twenty one years on, I am more active than I’ve ever been and have never so well in myself.

I know that my kidney won’t last forever, but I am very grateful that it has lasted for over 21 years and that I have got so much out of life along the way, thanks to my donor.

Life really is short, and tomorrow is never guaranteed so we need to make the most of every precious moment.”

Please #ShareYourWishes with your loved ones about your organ donation decision and #LeaveThemCertain..
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